With this heat that we are experiencing right now it is but fitting to just go on a random beach trip to relax, unwind and cool down.

This beach have made it to our top 10 white beaches in Luzon. Situated 250 kilometers from Manila you’ll find Potipot beach, nested in Brgy. Uacon, Zambales, this summer sanctuary grow enough trees along the shores to shade you from the harsh rays. ┬áPotipot boast not only its lush greens but also its turquoise clear waters that waves a sound of gentle breeze.

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Walk along the shore and feel the fine cream sand beneath your toes as you make your way to the island’s other end to see the famous drift wood where you can stay and wait for the sunset.


Getting to Potipot is relatively easy either via private car or public transport. If you prefer public transport, ride a Victory Liner Bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Sta Cruz terminal is near Brgy. Uacon so you dont have to worry about being lost. Upon arrival, there are available tricycles that will get you to Potipot jump-off point where you will ride a boat for 15 minutes travel time to the island.PSX_20160409_135515[1]

Really, if you want that sweet escape, stop thinking for a sec and head now to Potipot.

Pamela Malaya-Regalado

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