Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman!

Kanye West just dropped a new track called Facts and it does not disappoint – Yeezus went pretty damn hard in it. This would most likely be a track off his upcoming album, Swish.

Go ahead, give it a listen!

If you’ve listened to Drake and Future’s What a Time to be Alive album then you’ve probably heard their hit song Jumpman. You’d also notice the new track’s resemblance to it. Ironically, this track is the complete opposite of Jumpman as it is actually a diss song aimed at Nike. Yeezus emphasizes how the Yeezy product line dominates the current sneaker market, surpassing the Jordan brand.

Will Nike clap back?

Most importantly, could this be a sign of the much-awaited album’s release? We sure hope so!

Allen Tolentino

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