There is no denying that the climate crisis is upon us. Just last month, our countrymen suffered the devastating effects of worsening tropical storms like Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses, leaving families in parts of Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces homeless. And there is no time to waste in safeguarding our natural world.

That is why together with Bioten, For The Future, and MAD Travel, multifaceted actress, singer, and advocate, Nadine Lustre is stepping in the front runner to not just simply lend her voice to start movements for the environment but also proactively taking part and action in all aspects of such projects.

“I believe I have a responsibility to the next generationsI will do what I can to raise awareness for a more sustainable future, as well as take concrete action. I begin herewith raising funds for trees. I hope everyone will join me in doing this,” says Nadine

Apart from sharing environmentally conscious posts on social media as a vehicle of influence, Nadine continues to presciently tread the road to sustainability and has partnered with her new favorite skincare brand, Bioten. The Green and Honest by the Numbers Campaign hopes to raise funds for 88,000 trees to aid the 20-year reforestation project for the Aetas of Yangil, Zambales through For The Future and Make a Difference (MAD) Travel.

Nadine, together with Bioten, is helping the project reach its goal of cultivating 3,000 hectares of Aeta ancestral domain, which will help enrich the livelihood of the tribe and the environment itself. 

88,000 trees are the target of the project which symbolizes the 88% ingredients of natural origin found in Bioten’s Skin Moisture line, which Nadine loves. The brand, like Nadine, shares the same values of being green, being honest in how green, and committing real actions towards sustainability.

“Bioten has always been honest about the ingredients that are put into every bottle it makes. We’re not 100% natural but each box proudly and truthfully states the percentage of natural ingredients used in it,” states Angie Goyena, iFace General Manager. “The skin moisture line uses 88% ingredients of natural origin and is the line Nadine is most associated with, hence the commitment to fund 88,000 trees,” she adds.

Nadine, through her network and fans, will commit to raising enough funds for 44,000 seeds to be planted over a course of several years accordingly. And in true partnership, Bioten Skin Care will match the number, bringing the total to 88,000 fruit and forest trees.

This campaign confidently foresees its contribution to the actual rebuilding of the forest and subsequently encouraging millions of others to act. 

Each seedling costs P50 and if you would like to join this movement, you can make a donation through Nadine Lustre to this cause here

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