Fashion is a trillion dollar industry where large percentage of fashion is made in Asia, but still remains to be marred by outdated technology, lots of middlemen, lack of transparency, too much waste being produced, negative impact on our environment through inefficient supply chains and inappropriate labor practices. 

In the industry that is well dominated by a select few – favoring only those with social, human and financial capital, the brand believes that the future of fashion belongs to everyone. The company’s platform aggregates different stages of the supply chain, enabling users to have a transparent view and access to financial services, product design and sourcing solutions within a single platform. 

Zilingo is committed to pave the way for merchants on its platform to scale more effectively and successfully. The brand’s goal is to cure the pain points of most merchants that they constantly encounter while creating the products that their customers demand. Zilingo adds value through its B2B (Business to Business) solutions that not only empowers but innovates and diversifies the MSME industry by providing bigger access to suppliers and manufacturers that can provide materials with competitive pricing. 

Shiela mauricio, Head of Commercial, Zilingo Philippines

“Zilingo believes and sees that we can add value to the industry by re-imagining the supply chain and aggregating all parties within the same platform by offering services and software that can help businesses do better, which has been the brand’s focus since Day 1.” says Shiela Mauricio, Head of Commercial, Zilingo Philippines. 

As a one-stop business solution that fills the gap in the fashion industry, Zilingo helps businesses to aggregate and digitize product supply that can be accessible by any player. It enables access to tools and services for business to become more efficient, automated and scalable, including but not limited to product development, procurement, trendcasting, working capital, marketing and software services among others. With access to raw material suppliers, manufacturers and brands directly, MSMEs can achieve product quality, quantity, availability and better pricing to bring more innovation to the front door. 

Ryza Dipatuan-Razo, Marketing Director, Zilingo Philippines

“Zilingo first built their own B2C platform to help merchants distribute better. Today, Zilingo added more services to its platform that will definitely help solve every business cases and problems the MSME industry here in the Philippines and abroad” Ryza Dipatuan, Maketing Director of Zilingo Philippines, added. 

Understanding the variety of challenges faced by MSMEs, Zilingo offers one-stop business solution to help scaling up businesses using their cutting edge technology and market leader understanding of the business landscape. Providing services such as raw material sourcing, HR and productivity software, financial and marketing services, Zilingo aims to level the playing field of the Philippines’ MSMEs to efficiently operate and to compete in the global market. 

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