As the ‘Ber’ months roll in & the Christmas songs start playing, this also signals the start of a season and a brand new chapter for the fashion industry- Cue in S/S Fashion Week- Complex layered outfits & the most coveted September Issue.

Every year, as September comes around, top fashion magazines release their best style issues to floor and keep their readers hyped for the season. This month, we have made a run down to see who will hold the title for the best and most striking cover.

Why is September “the” month? After some extensive research, here is a brief summary as to why that is.

September signals the end of summer vacation and picks up a new start, as the school year begins and the demands of work begin again. It also signals the start of a new fashion season as the warmer weather comes to a halt.

The Vogue Documentary, The September Issue, has also contributed to the hype surrounding it. Fashion Enthusiasts and the like have always been well informed about the image surrounding the issue but, the film introduced and cultured new following due to the influence of the documentary.

Concluding all that was written above. The cover of the magazine is, without a doubt, the “cherry on top of the sundae”. Studies show that it only takes 7 seconds to capture a consumer’s interest in a product. Thus, making the cover the most important aspect of it all.

Now that you have a better understanding as to why the September Issue brings such an impact into the fashion community, let’s take a closer look at the top fashion magazines of the Philippines.


Photo courtesy of Mega Magazine


This is the word that best describes this cover. At first glance, I was automatically hypnotized by the desert and rock formation amidst the striking ruby red dress of Elisse. The mysterious, historical and stunning landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey was a perfect compliment to the look of both Elisse and McCoy. Reimagining the shoot at a different location would not have brought that essence of warmth you would associate with the word, Romantic.

Photo courtesy of Mega Magazine

Though striking, I would have preferred Elisse in a simpler gown. The bodice of the gown needed more fluidity to enhance the effect of the wind and the whimsical scenery. McCoy would have looked more dapper in a well-fitted suit rather than a trench coat. The structure and the length of the coat did not compliment his body figure. On the other hand, I’d have to commend the color palette as every element worked hand in hand.

Photography: Mark Nicdao| Creative Direction: Suki Salvador |Fashion Direction & Styling: Jeb Fronds and Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena | Make-up: Mickey See| Hair: John Valle | Photography Assistants: Phil Nicdao and Villie James Bautista


Photo courtesy of Preview Magazine

Fashion is everywhere, Fashion is change, Fashion is unexpected, and Fashion is fearless.

 Fashion means different things to different people. This month, Preview invites their audience to speak out about what fashion means to them. Who better to speak out than Asia’s Next Top Model Winner, Maureen Wroblewitz. On the way to becoming the top, Maureen was confronted by one of the ANTM contestants that she had a “pretty face but no skills” but, Maureen persevered despite the negative comments.

Photo courtesy of Preview Magazine

Photo courtesy of Preview Magazine

Photo courtesy of Preview Magazine

Maureen was, without a doubt, the most suitable cover girl for this month’s issue.

All of the four covers had a different personality and aura; This Top Model certainly delivered each and every one perfectly.

The cover that immediately took my breath away, made me stop scrolling through my Instagram feed and simply gawk at its beauty was Maureen decked out in that bright burnt orange ensemble by Givenchy. The contrast of the colors added to the dynamic capabilities of the shot. This is would be the epitome of Andy Warhol if he were born a millennial.

I was baffled by the amount of covers Preview released this month. Though each cover was stunning, I would have preferred better cohesiveness with all four.

Photographer: BJ Pascual | Produced & Styled: Daryl Chang | Creative Direction: Vince Uy | Make-up: Anthea Bueno | Hair: Ethan David |Maureen wears disc earrings, a turtleneck, coat, trousers, gloves and boots by GIVENCHY.


Photo courtesy of Metro Magazine

To cap of the competition, Let’s bring our last contestant to the stands, Metro!

Photo courtesy of Metro Magazine

For this months ‘Big Fashion Issue’, the team explored the streets of the Urban Jungle, New York City. The city is busy, full of life yet, you would still stop and take time to smell the roses. The streets are filled with bright yellow taxis, the smell of freshly baked pretzels, peanuts, and brightly colored lights.

In this issue, Erich Gonzales explores the Big Apple with one goal in mind: to reinvent herself. “I learned that you shouldn’t really depend your happiness on other people or with anything, it should come from within.” Said Erich. Everyone needs a getaway, to simply breath and to prepare you for bigger challenges voyaging towards a brighter future.

Erich embodied the “New York City Girl” vibe with ease; She was downright the unmistakable choice for this issue. Erich was decked out in an all red ensemble with a navy blue puffer jacket to tie to whole look together. Amidst all the bright colors, the elements still seemed to work.

Metro released two covers for this issue, one with hues of gold & the likes of Carrie Bradshaw, set against, bold colors & the experimental Coachella Queen, Vanessa Hudgens.

Bold colors, without question, takes the cake.

Photography: Seven Barretto | Creative Director: Eldzs Mejia | Cover Story: Geolette Esguerra | Makeup: Jigs Mayuga | Hair: Maylena Lomibao | Erich wears Tommy X Gigi Collection from Tommy Hilfiger


I was rather impressed by the diversity of all the covers released. Each issue portrayed a story with a distinct image and personality but the cover that rose victorious this month was none other than Preview Magazine.

There you have it, this concludes the September 2017 Cover Wars. What do you guys think? Leave your comments down below. Stay tuned for next month’s Cover Wars.





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