Just like Kylie and Riri. It’s official, Lady Gaga will be ready for pre-order this July.

In a recent Instagram post, Mother Monster confirmed that her beauty line, Haus Laboratories, is opening its pre-order this July 15.

In an exclusive interview posted by BOF, Gaga gave a first look at her new cosmetics line. According to the “A Star Is Born” star, the brand draws inspiration from her early days as an aspiring singer in lower Manhattan, applying drugstore makeup to form what would become her signature look.

Haus Laboratories will be the very first major beauty brand to launch exclusively on Amazon and will also be available to nince countries where customers can take advantage of Amazon’s one to two day shipping service

Gaga’s kits will feature lip gloss, lip liner, eye shadows and will also strictly stick with color cosmetics

If you’re tempted to make that pre-order, hit this link on July 15.

Basically, I'm your girl for everything beauty.

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Basically, I'm your girl for everything beauty.