These ogle-worthy, blazing pairs from Prada are making a comeback, and it’s too hot to trot.

Prada‘s Fall-Winter 2018 collection brings back its iconic flame heels as a nod to the fashion house’s iconic flame motif from the Spring 2012 season. The Italian brand introduces the wedge sandals once again scorching in vibrant colorways. From Bold metallics, neon orange, pink, yellow, lime green to classic white and black.

These Prada pairs feature flame cutouts tracing the back edge of the wedge with contrasting colors, making them instantly recognizable. These hot Prada pairs retail at  $1,100

We have spotted international personalities strut the streets wearing these pairs- and well, documenting it on Instagram, spreading like a wildfire.

Kendall Jenner, lit the fire first with her Orange Prada flaming heels.
Shea Marie and Chiara Ferragani, sizzles in their white Prada Flaming heels, accentuated in Orange and Lime green lining, respectively.

We have also spotted Fashion Blogger and Influencer, Laureen Uy sporting her Neon Orange Prada flaming heels during NYFW.

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