Do you feel like you’re always on? Stressed out? Staying up late and getting up early? It is, indeed, a sign that our lifestyle is taking a toll and it is now time to take back our control.

Nu Skin Philippines just launched its newest premium-quality product which aims to target those concerns to maintain your full well-being. Introducing, ageLOC Reset!

ageLOC Reset is a breakthrough daily supplement that helps to support the body’s internal biochemical processes and overall well-being. Only one in eight adults are metabolically healthy and 90% of consumers agree that the current always-on-the-go lifestyles are taking a toll on their bodies. Nu Skin has created ageLOC Reset to help counteract those lifestyles, allowing consumers to continue living their modern lives while helping enhance and support elevated and improved well-being!

“At Nu Skin we pride ourselves on extensive scientific rigor when it comes to developing a new product,” said Dr. Mark Bartlett, Vice President of Global Research & Development for Nu Skin’s Pharmanex brand“ageLOC Reset is backed by seven years of Nu Skin’s proprietary research and has led to the creation of a dietary supplement that helps shift your body’s biochemistry towards a healthier mode when combined with healthy eating and regular exercise and helps counteracts the effects of a hectic lifestyle by targeting the sources of metabolic health.”

The exclusive blend in ageLOC Reset provides 215mg of anthocyanins per serving to produce clinically proven benefits. Each capsule is packed with 10 different anthocyanin plant extracts and then tested seven in its screening study: bilberry, black chokeberry, black rice, crowberry, red grape, wild blueberry, and domesticated blueberry. The resulting information was used to create the exclusive formulation of anthocyanins that are rich in key compounds cyanidin and delphinidin.

Seven years of Nu Skin’s proprietary research led to discovering the concept, unlocking the science and identifying these key anthocyanins. From there, Nu Skin began conducting preclinical and then clinical studies to test the quality, efficacy, and safety of the ageLOC Reset, ultimately creating this latest breakthrough.

ageLOC Reset comes in easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules. Each container includes 60 soft gel capsules. Nu Skin recommends taking 2 capsules per day for maximum results.  ageLOC Reset retails for Php 9,100.00 and can be availed through Nu Skin Philippines’ independent Brand Affiliates.

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