It was close to eleven thirty when we arrived at the venue, the sun was up favoring the peg that we have in mind, the place was cozy enough to make a great venue for the scheduled shoot and there’s our main guy, Henrik, beaming back at us.

Henrik Lagoni is a people person, and that is –indeed– a drastic understatement. He never runs out of stories that he willingly shares to everyone, “I love talking, I love telling stories, and ‘cos that’s really the time you’ll get to know the person better.” He chimes. He laughs his heart out at tagalog jokes he sometimes doesn’t clearly understand and shares endless experiences from his hometown in Denmark, where he grew up and nested most of his younger years.

We prolly knew the 23-year old Fil-Danish hunk from his unclothed grandeur during the Bench Naked Truth or threw a second look at his physique and confirmed his arresting presence during the recently concluded Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash, but Lagoni is up for greater heights as he joggles his career as an Engineer and a fast-rising model of the country.

We managed to keep up with Henrik’s pace as he shared a day to StyleMNL and opens up about his personal life, his aspirations and what the future holds.


Admittedly, Henrik is a self-confessed morning person; he starts his day early (after series of alarm snoozes) with a cup of coffee before heading out for work.

How do you start your day?

SNOOOOZE the alarm clock a couple of times – then when I finally manage to get up I take a quick shower and then I ride my bike to the office, where I work as an Engineer.


What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you wake up in the morning?


I often look outside the window while drinking my coffee and think of how grateful I ‘am with my decision of moving here. I kind of like this country, the weather, the people and the warmth of the local sun. ‘cos back in my hometown it’s really cold especially in the morning!


Which do you prefer, Coffee or Tea?

I like coffee better; I drink three cups of coffee-almost every day.  (laughs)  It up’s my energy before going to work.


Tell us more about your life back in your hometown?

I always have many balls in the air. I’m really bad at doing nothing and just relax. Before I was a former top swimmer in Denmark, I love the waters, it relaxes me and it’s a good workout, bagged several medals but after a couple of years competing I ended my career and served my town as a lifeguard and a swim instructor.

Else, I studied Business Development Engineer at Aarhus University of Denmark, where my specialty is Product Development and Innovation.



Have you gone to the surf spots here?

have been to Baler and La Union. I love to surf, but I just started – Else, I often go to Nuvali for wakeboarding with my best friend.


How do you keep your body fit and healthy?

I love to workout! I try to go to the gym every day. But I’m not that good keeping a strict diet, but I love to cook and I try to eat a lot of salad and meat every day. 🙂


How were you discovered?

Last year I lived here for 6 months to do my internship, an agent suddenly stopped me on the street and said I had the potential for modelling in the Philippines. When I came back here two months ago, I got curious and contacted some different agencies. Afterwards I quickly became a part of Bench “The Naked Truth” and the “Cosmo Bachelor Bash”.



Favorite modeling experience so far?

It must be all the new friends. Else, I appreciate every positive like, comment and follow I’ve got on my Instagram. People have really been nice to me and I try to read and  reply as much as I can.


Are you dating someone right now?

Well there is a girl who have got my attention recently. 😉

What’s important to you in a relationship?

It must be a girl I can trust, talk to and have fun with (winks). I’m very talkative, so my counterpart has to be extrovert as well. But at the same time the girl also has to challenge me and keep me grounded.

Untitled-1  What the future holds for Henrik? What’s the big picture for you right now? Showbiz or Modelling?

I can’t imagine myself only doing showbiz or modelling. My passion is to use my knowledge to develop new products or solutions so, we will have a better world to live in. So basically I want to change the world somehow and put my footprint on it – but if it’s with inventions, new business start-ups, politics, showbiz /modelling , I dont know – maybe I can mix it all – let’s see what the future brings. 🙂



All clothes by ZALORA Philippines | Photography by Ed Lorenzo | Styled by Res Michelle Fernandez | Grooming by Sheen Chua | Special thanks to Aldwin Chiongbian of IM AGENCY MANILA

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