Halloween is just a stone-throw away and we’d like to ask if you have any idea of what you’re going to be this year?

Just when you thought this occasion can’t get any cooler, here’s Heidi Klum throwing herself in the center of creativity for the sake of visual amazement donning her best Halloween outfit, year after year!

Let’s track the memory lane and haunt Klum’s costume hysteria starting from the year 2000.


Dressed in black with braided hair, Heidi Klum knocked out her year 2000 look by paying homage to her roots as a Goth Frauline. Easy to pull off, yeah? then copy it.

Wait till you see the rest.

2002 Comical, funny and classy. In 2002, Klum opted  for a Betty Boop look.

2003 In 2003, Heidi Klum arrived in her UFO with glistening adornments as a Golden Alien.2004Bewitched and Bespoke, red-haired Heidi walked the annual Halloween gathering as a red witch last 2004.2005 Not your regular Vamp.  Heidi Klum got a bit inspired from all the glorious fang bandwagon and donned her own version of distressed creature in 2005.


Mind you, who would’ve thought that using this ridiculous red apple will cover her 8-month baby bump? Clever indeed! Klum now portrays the Eden sinner in 2006.

2007Excuse her, Michelle Pfeifer! Heidi gave Catwoman a run for her money as a giant Gray feline in 2007.

2008 Who need a hand? Heidi’s willing to lend one during her Halloween stint last 2008 as a Hindu Goddess.2009Heidi Klum was a ravenous Raven ready to claw you in 20082010

 In 2010, Klum stand taller than her hubby in her out of this world Cyborg Halloween costume concept.

2011Yup! That was she! Heidi was your friendly anatomy dummy in 2011. She arrived at her event with two doctors in bloody scrub suites pushing her gurney! Creepy, Ms. Klum!2012

It may not be obvious in this photo, But Heidi Klum face was cover with crystals during her Halloween stint in 2012 as an Isis! A for effort! Bravado!2013

As if it werent enough, her imagination just keeps on getting wilder and better, topping her look in 2012, Klum arrived last year in her annual Party as an Old Lady! Imagine a good hour and a half just to cover her body with that kind of skin.

So far, only Klum can pull off these looks- or there might be some rip offs and copy cats- but Heidi is living up her reign as the Queen of Halloween and no one can attest to that! We are quite excited to document and see her look for this years affair. Now take your pick, what character struck you the most? sound off below.

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