Men will always be men, and as much as we would want them to take extra care of themselves, there will still be some who wouldn’t prefer to  take that extra mile.

However, we couldn’t stress this enough how important it is for you guys to simply take care of yourself, either for vanity’s sake or hygiene.

This New Year, we have listed down 10 essential grooming routines that men should do religiously in order for them to enhance not only their appearance but also their hygiene.

This list ditches the non-sense and extra ounce, but rather goes back to the basics. This grooming blueprint will definitely keep your like button activated all throughout the year

Start washing your face


Dude, it is now the time for you to invest in buying good facial wash, that bar of coal your Dad once mentioned won’t do the trick, but rather will aggravate the condition of your skin by stripping the layer that naturally produces oil to keep your skin glowing, and moisturized, leaving it flaky and dry.

Just the regular way of washing your face, apply a pea-sized amount of the gel, or foaming facial wash to cleanse your face. Do it twice a day, in the morning- before going to work, while you are taking bath and at night, before going to sleep. Pat dry with towel and let your skin breathe.

Always make sure that you have clean fingers whenever you wash your face and make use of running water.

Check which brand works best for you, some might work fluidly, some don’t, so it is better to know your skin type and condition

Don’t Rub just dab


In drying your face, avoid rubbing your face with the towel, dab it dry to avoid the rough threads from creating friction against your skin, this aggravates the pores which leads to pimples.

Moisturize your face


Don’t think that it is embarrassing to moisturize. Moisturizing is essential to keep your skin from looking healthy, glowing, young, smooth and healthy.

To moisturize properly, do not overdo the process, just apply ample amount of cream onto your finger, then rub it gently to your face, and please include the neck.

Just like the facial wash, you have to find a perfect moisturizer to match your skin type. Some creams have alcohol, and salicylic acid, so it is up to you if your skin is oily, dry, or natural.

Moisturize your body, too.lotion

The process doesn’t just stop on your face. You also need to moisturize your body to keep it hydrated, especially the knees, calves, toes and elbows, the parts that have considerably fewer oil glands.

Vitamin- E induced lotions always do a good trick, so apply it religiously. We are telling you, your skin will definitely thank you when you get older.

The sun is really not that much of a best friend


Vitamins coming from the sun rays are good for everybody- girls and boys alike. However, intense sun heat especially during the extreme window time of 10am-4pm isn’t a good ray to soak up to. Aside from drying your skin and making it dark, it also making your skin prone to cancer and from wrinkles.

So try to apply sunscreen, especially if you know that you’ll be exposed under the sun for a long period of time.

Floss your pearly whites


Brushing is not enough, you need to floss, and sometimes use a specialized brush to keep the hard-to-reach areas clean like a compact tuft.

Don’t overlook this process, flossing removes food residue in between teeth and trapped plaque. Not only it will keep your pearly whites legitimately clean, it will also save your gums from suffering to gingivitis and other oral disease causing bacteria

Brush your tongue

Just like the teeth, you need to clean your tongue. Don’t scrub it intensely though to avoid bleeding, rub it gently to clean your palettes and avoid bacteria in treating it as a breeding ground for harmful diseases.

Groom your facial hair


Whether you prefer it clean shaved, with sideburns or longer. You have to take care of your facial hairs too, especially the skin that they cover. Scrub gently your beard in order to rub-off the dry skin and to keep it moisturized.

If you prefer a clean shaven mug: Avoid shaving in a pile up manner, meaning, allow it to grow at least half an inch before shaving it again, this protects your skin from too much irritation from friction and eliminates the chances of growing ingrown hair that tends to leave bumps and making your face look rough

If you want to have short or long beard: We have mentioned that you need to scrub the part where the beard is growing in order for the dead skin cells to be shaken-off. If this ain’t too much of a hassle, some prefers using a specialized shampoo that keeps their beard moisturized and prevents dandruff from forming.

Make those sweet smooches worth it.

Care for a manscape


Yup, you also need to take care of those hairs, trim it weekly in order for the skin to breathe and to prevent pungent smell. Sometimes, washing is not enough, so you have to do the extra mile in doing that. Need we say more?

Address your thinning hair


Check your mane, shampoo sometimes just doesn’t do the trick. Moisturize it by using a conditioner to keep it fresh and healthy.

If you are experiencing thinning hair, you have an option to accept it or address it. Avoid using too much hair products, these products not only damages the follicles but also is the reason for most hair fall, worst thinning hair.

If thinning is inevitable and it truly runs in the genes, you may opt to seek for a professional help, in order to treat, prevent and aid it properly, too.

With that, bid your grooming routine circa 2016, adieu- if there’s any- and start taking in this basic list. Enjoy 2017!


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