It has 62.38 carats diamond!

Few more days before the Miss Universe pageant and they have finally unveiled the crown that will go to the lovely Miss who will win this year’s competition.

The Power of Unity Crown was designed by Swiss Jewelry house Mouawad. According to the company, the new crown is meant to evoke the themes of ambition, community, diversity, and beauty. “The crown’s name, The Power of Unity, was meant to celebrate a woman for being complex diverse, unapologetically ambitious, and strong. The interconnected vine motifs are meant to represent the community of women from around the world whose bonds unite them and reminds us we are stronger together than apart,” explains Fred Mouawad, Co-Guardian of Mouawad’s Diamond Division.

Watch the full unveiling on Mouawad’s Facebook page, below.

Pamela Malaya-Regalado

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