Art lovers rejoice! Ortigas & Company is holding their first art festival at the Estancia Mall.



The Ortigas Art Festival is a month-long celebration of Filipino talent, creativity, and ingenuity. In partnership with Alfredo Esquillo’s Eskinita Gallery, the festival brings local contemporary art and up and coming artists to reflect the changing local art scene. Located at the Estancia Mall’s Bridgeway, it’s easily accessible to everyone who wants to look at the watercolours, portraits, sculptures and other forms of art.



The festival highlights the work of notable artists such as Allison Wong-David, popular for her stainless steel works, Helen Furlong Mirasol, who captures beauty and elegance through her photography, and Peter Sutcliffe, well-known watercolour and oil painter, and art teacher.



There are also solo exhibits from promising artists Anthony Victoria, Arvi Fetalvero, Bon Mujeres, Richard Buxani, and Ged Merino, who innovate their works with the use of different materials to create unique pieces. There are also group exhibits by Tuklas, Biskeg, KalyeKolektib, and Eskinita Kontemporaryo.



Aside from appreciating these beautiful masterpieces, Peter Sutcliffe will hold a Watercolour Tutorial on March 4 and 25. Alla Prima Painting sessions will be given by Ato Habulam on March 11. On March 18, Kalye Kolektib will hold Live Art: Mural Making. Take advantage of these sessions for a more holistic appreciation of the artworks displayed.

The Ortigas Art Festival is at Estancia Mall Bridgeway from February 23 – March 26.

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