Travel is supposed to help you enjoy, appreciate, learn and grow, but what about doing it all by yourself?

For many traveling alone is the first step of accepting adulthood. Traveling the road solo could be perfectly beneficial for you, too. Who says traveling alone is such a sad decision, read on our top 14 reasons why you should experience traveling solo at least once in your lifetime.

1. You will be inspired to live a story worth telling.

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Most people settle for far too little adventure in their life, and they choose existing over truly living. But as Anna Quindlen says, “The life you’ve had doesn’t have to be the only life you have.”

2. You  will make new friends with the locals.

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Let go of the safetly net and make time top meet new friends. Strike up a conversation, be open in mingling with the locals and do not shun yourself from meeting other travelers too. Next thing you know, you’ve gained so much friends same as the memories you’ve gathered from the trip.

3. You will own your experience for yourself.


Truly experiencing life requires taking the ride yourself, no one can live your life for you. Try new things, explore  and enjoy it, sure you c an read about the place’s culture, heritage and people all you want but you’re simply learning just their facts, dip your toes on foreign waters even if it takes you and just yourself  to experience it all alone.

4. Your time is all your own


You don’t have  to think about your pal, if she wants to eat already, or if she’s tired and so on. You can explore the city on your own, get lost, make fun of it and that’s completely fine. After all, you’re using your time and nothing will be considered as wasted.

5. You don’t have to rely on someone to go with you

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Tackling up life solo offers a whole new perspective, no validation from others, no hesitations just you taking a leap to experience life’s greatest gift and that is freedom.

6. You’ll learn to Abandon Your Comfort Zones

Traveling solo is always an expansive experience, as it shatters pre-conceived concepts of the world with each step you take into the unknown. You are more inclined to talk to strangers and you’ll notice more people will want to connect with you. Letting lose and away from your comfort zone without your trusty pal judging you for being so sly of doing a thing.

7.  You’ll Get To Reinvent Yourself

Back in your spot, you could be the one who’s always afraid of trying new things. When you travel alone, your companion is you and yourself only. You’ll discover a lot of yourself from taking that bungee jump up to that water rafting with foreign groups. You’ll realize that it is so soul invigorating to let loose and be open!

8. You will get to learn basic foreign dialects for easier communication

Learn the basics and start from there!

9. You’ll learn to adjust and be more mindful

10.  You’ll learn to be more present.

Solo travel forces you to be aware and see the world around you, and not simply look at it passively.

11. You’ll Learn How To Spot Trouble From A Distance

You have to be more careful about your belongings, about heading out at night and about trusting people. Because of this, you develop the ability to spot trouble from a distance, before it enters your world.

12. You’ll Discover What’s Important In Life


You can forget about expectations and even aspirations that take you away from living a life, right now, into a future projection of it. You can enjoy the simple pleasures of savoring local cuisine for as long as you want and letting your mind run free towards the next destination.

13. You’ll learn to stick on your budget

Instead of being tempted by fancy dinners or romantic hotels, when I’m on my own it’s all about sticking to my budget. Hostels are a great affordable option; same with street vendors for food or quick takeout places.

14. You’ll come back with a renewed life perspective

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