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Lately, all of us faced a series of unfortunate events. From time to time, our mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual state were continuously challenged. Suddenly, everyone became a soldier who needs to defend not just themselves but the people around them, protecting their present existence and struggling to an enemy who can’t be seen. Slowly, from a hopeful perspective, a turmoil scared everyone. Unconsciously, we started to ask ourselves, what will happen after this? Do we need to start from the starting point again? Or, to just continue where we left off? Is there any point to achieve the dreams we decided to work on before the dilemma enters the picture? Well, Yes, there is! 

Remember, nothing is permanent in this world and everything happens for a reason so, it’ll never too late for us to cross that finish line. No one was exempted from this fall, but it does not mean to stop challenging this life. We’re born to become one of the authors of our lives, right? So, our dreams are still in our hands. It may delay a little bit, but it doesn’t mean it won’t come either.

These past few months, there were lots of realization that all of us encountered and some of us realized that everything wouldn’t flow as smoothly as how we imagined it would be. 

The door towards our dreams is not yet closed so while we’re waiting to get there, the following tips are some of the useful things we need to know before our departure time comes. 

Understand yourself better.

All of us thought that we already know ourselves perfectly not until we were asked to shut down. All the usual routine we follow gradually changed and believe it or not, it’s quite challenging to adapt. Resistance is our best enemy. So, instead of idling around, use this time for you to move forward and learn to know yourself more. Discover what makes you happy and sad. What are the things you want and what makes you mad? What are the things that most valuable to you and what are not? All of them are part of you. Indeed, they may look like simple things, but those were not easy to understand like how it seemed. Those things are the reason why you’re unique so acknowledge them. The only person who could make you a better you is you. 

Focus and stick to your passion. 

It’s quite challenging to focus on achieving our dreams to consider the fact that the world is facing a strong enemy. There are times when our emotion prevails everything and our logical reasoning is nowhere to be found, especially these challenging times. We can’t hide the fact that wherever we go, lots of unfortunate news is everywhere, we’re humans and it really affects us. Slowly, fear started to consume us and before we knew it, we were trapped inside. Instead of drowning from negative thoughts, enhance more our ability. Draw your favorite portrait, keep on practicing your favorite song, and dance as much as you want. Continue playing that musical instrument and write that song. Read more books like you always wanted and finish that on-going story that’s running inside your head. Watch that every tutorial that is free for everyone. Maximize your time. 

Our mental capacity and strong emotion are our best weapons to survive. Sometimes, the problem becomes even worst not just because of the problem alone, but the people’s mentality. The stronger our desire to achieve our dreams and pursue our passion undoubtedly leads us to the right path. 

Haste Makes Waste.  

Slow progress doesn’t mean not getting anywhere, it only means that we’re sure enough to get there so, hold on to it. The future is there when the right time comes. Let’s say, 50% human factor and 50% destiny, sounds quite a fair right? We do sometimes force ourselves to move forward because we believe everything is too late. We would be thinking, “I wasted the last few months of my life” and becomes depressed, however, have we asked ourselves if that’s true? Did we really waste our life for that long? Aren’t we preserving our life for a better endearment? Our situation may say it was, but why we keep on looking at the worst thing? Sun still shines so brightly, so we better perfectly take our time, right?

Enjoy the little detours and stop-overs.

Sidetracks are the best! In connection to number 3, we will only experience these things once we follow the right process. These are the usual reasons why our dreams become the sweetest thing in this life once we achieved it. The people we met along the way, the place we learned to love to stay and the lessons we’ve learned all throughout the journey are all priceless.

Little detours and stop-overs don’t mean to delay us, but they are also part of our journey. If we focus on the idea that it was there to stop us then, aren’t we wasting the opportunity that this life has given to us? Dreams didn’t exist just become we woke up one day and decided to achieve it, it’s all because of everything that surrounds us and that’s the reason why it makes everything so special. 

Create a new normal.

New normal is the new trend and lots of people adapting to it. Due to the social distance policy, we should adapt to work on different platforms. It’s not that bad, however, it’s quite challenging. Resistance leads us to nowhere, so we better turned the tables and used it as an opening, but how? How this thing aligned to us as a person and to achieve our dreams? We might don’t notice it too soon, but this new normal could be a subtle way that leads us closer to our main goals. There were lots of free seminars, free coaching, discounted online classes, and lessons that might help us to grow more. Like what they always said, instead of running away from the rain, why don’t we tag along with it. Who knows, this could also be the plot twist we all be waiting for, so treasure it as well. 

Instead of sulking at one of the corners of our room, overthink our current situation, use it as an opportunity instead. Start to prepare ourselves in every aspect for once when our dream is already in front of us, reaching our hand, we’re ready to take off the flight. Remember, every departure needs a complete preparation before it starts to begin, so are you ready for it? 

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