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andrea torres

There’s more to Andrea than her elegant and timeless visage. The lady sure knows how to caress the camera even without batting an eyelash. With her captivating gaze and an effortless sensual demeanour Andrea shares to us her ropes in starting and lasting in the industry whose nature will leave you nothing if you ain’t tough.

Off-screen, Ada- as her friends would call her– has a gentle persona, she would often smile and laugh at simple jokes and would share her fitness routine in between takes, but what definitely captured our hearts is the way she expresses her love towards her mom “Yeah, she’s always with me whenever I have out of town shoots or teleserye tapings.” She chimes. “Even from the start she’s there for me to support, guide and guard me. I’m just lucky to have her, I couldn’t be thankful enough…”

Nowadays, she reveals another side of her, far from the meek lass we once knew, Andrea shows us that she will stay tough and keep up with the changes with a clear vision and straight career disposition.


River Island black dress from ZALORA


Three quarter Blazer dress by ZALORA

How did you start your career and what got you here?

I’ve been around longer than you think. My first TV appearance was in 2005 but my break came 7 years after when I was tapped by GMA to play Cecilia/Olga/Margarita in Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga.

It was really patience and never losing your drive. It’s easy to let rejections get to you but quitting was never an option. Eventually, I was able to get a string of advertisements and that’s where things started picking up.
What are the biggest hurdles in your life and career and how did you conquer them?
I have this huge plan on how my life should be and not seeing a clear path towards that always rattles me. I came to this point in my life and I just never stopped working for my dreams.
What’s that one thing you know now that you wish you knew then and What makes you happy?
I would have graduated already by the time Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga came. I wish I finished my studies, but that’s still part of my list, I’m gonna finish that as I know its importance.
I’m always happy, I don’t let stress and other stuff get in to me, as long as my personal and professional life are balanced, I’m completely happy!

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What’s a typical day like for an Andrea Torres?
I’m an early riser. No matter how late I finish the day before I always wake up super early. I love breakfast, it’s the meal I look forward to the most, so I never skip it. Gym always comes next because it’s easier for me to workout in the morning. And then I proceed with my schedule. Quite a simple routine but I’m telling you- not until you experience it! lol.
If you weren’t showbiz, where will you be and why? 
A dermatologist because I am obsessed with anything concerning skin care or a lawyer-which explains why I love watching crime shows.
Name three things you are most proud of.
A lot of people say I am more mature than my age.. I’m definitely proud of that. Not to be haughty but my discipline and how hard I worked for everything that I am enjoying now.


(L) Sequined Dress, Lola Skye from ZALORA (R) Three quarter blazer dress from ZALORA

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Advice for aspiring celebs?
I believe you should study and analyze anything that you want to get into. Make sure you know the business well so you will never be caught off guard. Never stop learning and improving so you always have something new to offer. And, be original.

What’s next for an Andrea Torres?

I’ve been experiencing a lot of new things lately. Growth. And I like it! So definitely more of that.



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