All psyched up and ready to trot the scene, just waiting for the final hour before you hit the car and scoot your way to the airport, we command you not watch these movies if you prefer to keep a peaceful travelers mind.

We have listed down our top 10 movies, that you shouldn’t watch if you’re planning to travel this year, check’em all below.

They are in no particular order and are not only limited to Flesh-eating mammals and murderous mutants, so we suggest you finish the list.


no escape

If you are planning to visit Thailand and experience how crazy they welcome the new year there, make sure you do not open a copy of this film. Owen Wilson stars in this movie as an ex-pat whose life with his family is caught in a coup siege, and they frantically look for a safe escape from an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed.

We didn’t expect this film to be that thrilling, given that Owen Wilson banners the movie, but man! it’ll make you grip and whip!



Backpacking is always a good idea, you get to hop from one place to another faster. Pair it with the Brazilian culture, then whoa! you are down for a ride. But wait up, in this movie set in South America backpackers were harvested like fruits to pick organs and donate them to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. This will make you think twice to do your backpacking plan though.


hostel 2

Europe is always a good idea, but with this film, we don’t think so. This movie is a cringe-fest. The plot is full of flesh and blood, where rich people torture humans as pigs and the price varies according to race. No one escapes, cause everyone dies in this film.


brokedown palace

Now that slipping bullets in your luggage is famous in the country, you will probably think twice when you watch this film, and it will double your paranoia when it comes to protecting your luggage. A story of two naive girls who plan to visit Thailand, without doing any research, on you know, anything. Then, a shady Australian guy manages to sneak heroin into their luggage, thus making them guilty of drug smuggling, and they’re coerced into signing a confession in Thai. Poof! A 33-year prison sentence. Not exactly how you expected to spend your summer vacation, is it, girls?


the impossible

This is a movie of hope and love, seriously, but finding those two elements in this movie is kind of a tragic experience. A family caught in a Tsunami, based on true events. It is absolutely terrifying to see an injured mother, a separated family in a foreign land where English is not an option. I would have thought it was all fiction because their story is almost too amazing to be real.



Sure, yet another action-packed film where your dad is an ultimate hero, but hey! what If you’re stupid enough to climb into the car with a random Frenchman you don’t know at the airport, you really shouldn’t be that surprised when you get kidnapped by human traffickers. Luckily, this girl’s daddy happens to have a special set of skills that saved her from being sold into the sex trade, but it probably would have been easier for her to just exercise common sense while on her trip to Paris.


the hitcher

You have landed safely to your destination and decided to go on a road trip, be cautious. This movie might happen to you.


the hills

Or this one, if your paranoia heightens to a different level. If you think you can avoid danger as long as you stay off a plane, you’ve got another thing coming. Planning a fun family vacation across America in an RV? Aside from the boredom and the very real possibility that you will all hate the sight of one another after about three days, you’re not even taking into account the potential attacks from hillfolk.



From the title itself, if you plan to visit this side of the world, just please don’t go and scoot off this place, even the hazardous nuclear chemicals are believed to be more friendly now.



A thriller movie that involves three couples hiking through a remote part of Hawaii.  Of course, it turns out that one of these couples has murderous intentions. So better trust no one, be careful!

Okay! So, passport ready? now off you go, planes waiting, you might be late! Enjoy the New Year!

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