Milk tea lovers unite! Calling all ‘ye Milk Tea fans two of our beloved food chain just dropped their latest thirst quenchers fitted for this season.

McDonald’s Philippines and Tim Horton’s just released their own version of Milk Teas and they’re both so good!

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines

McDonald’s took it to Facebook and posted a teaser content on their page promoting a drink staple that everyone will surely love. Try out their Classic Milk Tea or their Wintermelon Milk Tea, both priced at only P49 (medium) or P65 (large). Here’s the catch, while all other Milk Teas in the market boast of pearls, jellies, and puddings, McDonald’s version comes with their own and literally freezing Vanilla sundae twist on top- just the way others would like. 

You can now get your milk tea fix at any McDonald’s branch starting today or order online via their McDelivery website.

Photo courtesy of Tim Horton’s

As if it weren’t enough for a Milk tea treat, Tim Horton’s dropped their own version of Milk tea, too. The Canadian coffee chain’s version comes with their signature brewed black tea, sweetened with a vanilla base and sugar, and instead of the usual black pearls, is poured over coffee jelly. You can even customize the drink by adding a shot of hazelnut or caramel syrup.

Tim Horton’s Milk Tea is priced at P110 (Small), P125 (Medium), and P135 (Large), while add-on shots to your drink cost an additional P20.

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