Consider using Nespresso Vertuo to upgrade your summertime at home. Check out these tips and list them down.

Nespresso  has continually discovered a way to bring together the energizing, practical, and most significant aspects of coffee in the convenience of your own home. Being the first espresso maker in the Philippines to use CentrifusionTM Technology versus the typical pressure method found in most coffee makers, the new Vertuo Next machine provides a layer of adaptability.

From an intense espresso to kickstart your day to a customized iced latte that gets you through the summer heat, there are endless ways to level up your at-home coffee experience, coupled with enjoyable activities to go with every café-quality cup.

Bring your TikTok summer house inspiration to life with your espresso (Altissio, Voltesso, or Il Caffe)

Whether you’re merely redecorating a space or giving a focal point in your house a complete facelift, an easy espresso is exactly what you need to get those creative juices flowing. Look online for ideas that won’t cost a fortune. You may change your bedding by mixing and matching your present linens or by adding one or two statement pillows or a throw blanket. Cleaning up the location is simpler than you may imagine—almost as simple as the one-touch operation of the Vertuo machine.

The fresh Barista Creations (Golden Caramel, Sweet Vanilla) will help you get through your K-drama marathon.

After you’ve customized your nook to your liking and created your to-watch (or to-rewatch) list, fuel your kilig even more with a fast, skillfully made Nespresso signature to go along with your munchies from your local K-mart. With a sweet but powerful cup to help you through the inevitable tears, those terrible scenes will be just a little bit more tolerable.

Bring your Double Espresso Dolce Iced Latte on your errands to #Boss your way through

What isn’t an iced latte capable of? Bring it along for that in-person meeting or your short trip to the store for summer veggies. To complete the experience, put it in your Nespresso Nomad Travel Mug. Bonus task: Deliver your used Vertuo pods to the neighborhood store in the recycling bags supplied.

By dropping off used capsules, customers give both elements—the coffee grounds and the aluminum casing—their second life. You can also drop off your capsules at any Nespresso pop-up store, or have them picked up when you order online—it’s your good deed for the week done and dusted.

Spice up your meals and experiment with food pairings

It’s your kitchen—there are no rules apart from those you make. Take your coffee beyond breakfast or dessert with the Vertuo Discovery Assortment, with a variety of roasts and intensities—from light and sweet Espressos to darker blends that lean earthy or velvety—to go with just about anything you whip up at home. Try a creamy mushroom pasta (oyster mushrooms are in season!) with a medium-light roast coffee, courtesy of Ethiopia Master Origins; level up with your avocado toast with a hot Melozio; or experiment with making a coffee-infused butter to put some sizzle on a steak recipe.

Bring the café experience to your own backyard for your family and friends to enjoy

Once you’ve mastered a couple of recipes, it’s time to share them with your loved ones. The Vertuo machine is so easy, your guests could even take their coffee into their own hands, crafting their cups to their liking. Alternatively, you could go ham with the Craft Brew (535 ml) to serve up to five cups of smoky, full-bodied coffee at a time, to really recreate that café moment at home.

What stands out about the Vertuo Next system is, ostensibly, in the results. The Centrifusion effect is that of a richer flavor and a longer-lasting, even more pleasant aftertaste, making every cup a versatile one. Keep it hot or pour over ice, depending on the season or your preference—you really can’t go wrong.

Just as coffee keeps the world turning, so does Nespresso maintain a virtuous cycle from bean to cup and beyond. The versatility of both the Vertuo range and the materials Nespresso invests in ensure that the possibilities really are endless; the range is now available for you to purchase and experience. Click ‘Add to Cart’ on their e-commerce page, or visit any Nespresso boutique store, pop-up, or certified machine retailer in Metro Manila and Cebu to get your hands on this latest innovation. Follow Nespresso Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for updates, or log on to their website for more information on the latest model to hit local shores.

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