Tall, dark, and handsome, not to mention his demigod built that brought him to spotlight. Mauro Lumba, is set to conquer the industry armed with his passion and guts.

For someone who’s been exposed in the industry for quite a long time, Maui -as what his friends would call him- gone a long mile with his career, but this Adam wont stop until he reached the apple of his hard labor.

We sat down with this 22-year-old hunk, quizzed him about sexy and titillating facts behind those innocent eyes.


What is your  no-fail seduction trick to get them, lucky girls?

I don’t use any tricks. Needless to say that I don’t bite my lips while looking at them and I also do not show my pecs just for the heck of it. Haha.  But seriously, I just look at them and (sometimes) smile,  which makes me wonder, why most of the people say that I’m snob- well in fact I’m NOT!

Who is your ultimate girl fantasy? 

Mr. Bloom must be a lucky guy and a fool to let her go. I’d go for Miranda Kerr! I like her innocent face, and damn! her body is perfect!

What’s your greatest sex fantasy? 

Role playing. I’m an innate Actor. I could bring home an Oscar trophy- maybe not! haha.

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Which do you prefer, boobs or butt?

Guilty as charged, I’m a butt guy. Darn too sexy not to stare at’em, especially when they’re full and hmmm.

What is your ideal girl? 

I’d usually go for classy and simple girls. There’s something in their aura that excites me and somehow they give me a lasting impression about their personality.


How do you deal with girls who finds you as a sex symbol? 

It’s just flattering that they would be that attracted, i mean- SEX SYMBOL!- whoah! I don’t think they find me as that. It’s like saying I’m a walking phallic symbol!


lights out  lights out7Would you do crazy things for love?

Haha. I’d do everything for the girl I love. I’m really like that, I’d go for extremes just to see my girl happy and contended. So I guess, YES!

At what age are you planning to settle down?

Maybe around my early 30s or late 20s, it depends- time will tell. Haha. I just want to enjoy the moment, after all I’m still young to think of marriage.

lights out 4What do you think about indecent proposal?

Indecent proposal, coming from the word itself, you just don’t have to entertain them. For me its really cheap.

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Last question, we are just quite interested, what are the changes you’ve experiences after winning the Century Tuna Superbods competition?

I think it’s a life changing experience, it changed my life and my health disposition. I still continue my diet and my routine even after the contest. Plus I became a much more positive person, I always look at the brighter side of things and always go with the flow without regrets. I know now the value of hard work.



| Photography by: Ed Lorenzo | Styled by: Res Michelle Fernandez | Grooming: Theresa Padin | 

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