underneath it all featuring Enzo Pineda

One fine man that is Enzo Pineda. With his dashing and confident demeanor one can’t help but fall into his appeal. Enzo has a penchant to please the crowd and he brings that gleam wherever he goes.

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Between amassing fans and serving us a good offer during the Cosmo Bachelor Bash, Enzo proves that he is more than meets the eye. He keeps a very calm disposition towards life, such a quiet guy, with a constant thirst for his passion and has lots of potential and insights about his career and the society.

Lensed by Andrew Apuya, with styling from Ricci Calzado and Grooming by Lenard Vasquez. Learn more about him and know that underneath it all, Enzo is not just your usual dashing knight.

It is but fitting that we sat down with Enzo to hear what he has to say about seeing things different and away from the usual.

underneath it all featuring Enzo Pineda

Can you tell us, who’s Enzo behind the lens?

I’m a goofy, funny and an outgoing person. Sometimes, I tend to be quiet- but that’s really- SOMETIMES! Haha.

If you’re not an Actor, what will you be now and why?

I always envisioned myself as a chef, I’m a self-confessed foodie. I also would like to be a businessman, I would like to dabble myself into its technicalities and see my business grow through the years and I plan to do it someday.

You’ve shown your other side and versatility when you played as an Antagonist in your latest serye. You’ve ventured yourself in funny antics during your gag show guestings, what is next for Enzo, what is your ultimate career dream?


I guess, everyone in this industry would really want to be in the Hollywood. And I’m definitely one of them, I would want to explore that route that is why I’m enhancing my craft in the best way I can.

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Having said that, given a chance to star in a Hollywood movie, what would be it and why?

Ever since when I was a kid, I dreamt of being a superhero, and now that a lot of studios are turning them into life, my dream role is to be a super hero or villain in a Marvel or DC movie. I think that’s very cool!


In your eyes, how do you see the entertainment industry and why?

I see a lot of potential in our entertainment industry. We are creative and artistic people, and I believe that we must invest in people and the technology to enhance our product. The Philippine movie industry has a lot of potential and I can see it flourishing in no time.

How far would you go in order for you to achieve your dreams?

I’m the type of person who doesn’t give up. I strive hard and very passionate. I see acting as my calling and I will give my all every single day just to achieve my dreams in this field.


Wildest dream you have thought o recently.

My wildest dream that I have been fantasizing lately was eating the juiciest and plumpest… Burger.  Haha. All people on constant diet would understand this. I’ve been craving for it since last week.

Craziest thing that you did for your partner?

So far, this is the craziest thing that I did for my partner. It’s kinda simple but, I consider it as one of the best. I was on a date with a girl and I told her we were just going out for lunch in the area. But what I didn’t tell her was that I was taking her out of town to surprise her. She was so suprised na ang tagal ng ride namin to our favorite restaurant and biglang nasa Laguna na kami. I love giving surprises kasi e.


You’ve been on the radar as one of the hottest Kapuso hunks. Wildest trick you can do to wow the crowed (aside from cutting your undies in front of’em)

Definitely my singing voice! Trust me, I can sing well. I kid. haha


How do you handle pressure?

By knowing my capabilities, limits, values, and morals, in this industry you have to know who you are so you don’t get off track.

Message for your bashers and How do you handle Bad criticism?

I hope you learn to spread love more than hate. Just keep spreading the love. As for the bad criticisms, I use it as a vehicle to improve myself.


Message for your fans

I love you guys. Thank you for always supporting me. I know i say this all the time but it’s true, I wouldn’t be here without you guys.

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