Undeniably and unarguably, Philippines has only a few list of Men’s Fashion Magazine, and you can actually count them with your bare hands, more so, you can even pinpoint them on the magazine rack of a local bookstore.

For many years, guys have evolved from its usual setting, men are now more open-minded in reading articles to keep them guided on what to wear on a first date, or source the best trousers to flatter their built, and even score the best tips on what’s the perfect haircut to get for the season.

As the world revolves around its axis, so as men’s idea of keeping themselves in the know of the latest trend to harp the best in them. One of the reads that we are keyed on eyeing every month is Mega Man Magazine. The Glossy is from One Mega Group, the publication conglomerate that brought in Mega, Lifestyle Asia, Travel Now and Meg Magazine in the country. They released their very first issue last February 2013, and since then the magazine zoomed to their undeniable success.

We rounded up our top 5 favorite covers of Mega Man Magazine since it started and here’s our roll.

September 2013 featuring Xian Lim


We personally like this issue to top our bill. The first anniversary issue of Mega Man Magazine was dashing, not only because it was frontlined by Xian Lim, but also, it was packed with fashion, style tips, features and editorials.

August 2015 featuring Marlon Stockinger


For this issue of MEGA Man, the glossy took a new route by flashing Marlon Stockinger as their cover guy, and we daresay that- every once in a while-it is such a relief to see a fresh-faced chap front a magazine rack.

May 2015 featuring Sean O’pry


On the heat after naming Sean O’pry was named as the new face of Penshoppe. Mega Man succeeded in plastering him on their cover. Lensed by Shaira Luna, Sean, wears an all white ensemble, perfectly chanting his demigod features!

November 2014 featuring Dingdong Dantes


A month before his wedding to Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes bagged the November cover of Mega Magazine. Monochromatically treated, the issue talked about Dingdong’s ultimate ride from being a bachelor down to his proposal, to now his wife, Marian.

September 2014 featuring Matteo Guidicelli


The second anniversary cover of Mega Man was fronted by Matteo Guidicelli and we are-until now- digging this issue. From giving us the season’s biggest trends that season to  classic menswear pieces and designers collection, this issue was jampacked from cover to cover.

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