Lechon has become a staple to any Filipino festivities and celebrations- It is the ultimate and most beloved pork dish in the Philippines.

Lechon is an extraordinary pork dish that’s deliciously crispy on the outside, yet juicy inside. World-famous itinerant superstar chef Anthony Bourdain even labelled the all-famed lechon as “the best pork ever”.

STYLE MNL has recently conducted the Top 10 Best Lechon 2017 survey and we nopw bring you the results so you can choose where to get your tasty Lechon fix.

CnT Lechon has been making Cebuanos happy and proud for 20 years already. They have free delivery within Cebu City only but for those who want to bring a box outside Cebu island for pasalubong, they have special packaging for their lechon for air freight.

CNT Lechon – Cebu

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This Lechon house has been making Cebuanos proud for almost 20 years now. Cebu is named as the world’s Lechon capital. It has a plethora of options for those who want to indulge themselves in this delectable Filipino treat.

From public markets to upscale restaurants, the island of Cebu has an endless array of eateries that offer delectable lechon. And one of the most popular places to eat lechon in Cebu is at CNT Lechon, Ayala Center.

CNT is famous all over Cebu for its affordable, juicy, crunchy, less fatty and meaty Lechon

CNT is famous all over Cebu for its affordable, juicy, less fatty, meaty, and super crunchy lechon. While CNT has a few branches all over the city, most foodies choose to come to the Ayala Center outlet due to its convenient location. Here, you’ll find a long queue of people, both locals and foreigners, who are waiting to get their hands on the renowned CNT’s lechon. They have free delivery within Cebu City only but for those who want to bring a box outside Cebu island for pasalubong, they have special packaging for their lechon for air freight.


The price for their Lechon ranges between 3,000 to 4,500 PHP, depending on the size of the pig. In general, you can order a kilogram of their lechon for about 600 PHP.

Additional information: Address: 4th floor Food Choices, Ayala Center Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City Contact number: (032) 415 8887

Zubuchon – Cebu

image courtesy of Zubuchon Facebook Fanpage

Yet another Cebu pride. Zubuchon originated in Cebu and was names as the “best pig ever” by famous American chef and tv PERSONALITY, Anthony Bourdain.

Zubuchon’s lechon doesn’t have MSG, and quite frankly, it lacks the saltiness and zing that most Pinoys are used to in other lechon brands. But, Zubuchon’s variety is by far the perfect choice for health-conscious Pinoys who want to get their lechon fix without much guilt.

Their pigs are sourced from backyard raisers all over Cebu province that’s why their lechon have more meat and less fat. They also use only local, organic ingredients for flavoring, and do not use any MSG at all. They also prick the pig’s skin and spray it with fresh coconut water for a crispy and brown lechon skin.

Price for their lechon start at around 500 PHP a kilogram, and 3,500 to 7,200 PHP for an entire lechon.

For orders, contact their staff, Yolly, through zubufoods@gmail.com or at 09776278487 / 032-2547342.

Address: 2651 Villalon Drive, Capitol Site, Cebu City, Cebu, 6000 Contact number: (032) 236-5264

Carcar Public Market – Cebu

Carcar, just an hour drive away from the city of Cebu, is known not only for its crisp chicharon, but for its appetizing and no-frills lechon as well. The market’s lechon are affordable and fresh which they chop right in front of you for an additional salivating experience.


Loring’s Native Lechon – San Juan

Loring Native Lechon, or also referred as Aling Loring’s, has been pleasing taste buds and filling stomachs with their tasty lechon for over 50 years. Their lechon has a crispy and thin skin, with a dark-colored, tender and flavorful meat complemented with a peppery and sweet gravy.

Price is estimated at around 900 PHP per kilogram, and 6,000 to 10,000 for a whole roasted pig.

Address: 6 J. Eustaquio Street, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila Contact number: (02) 724 2867

Balayan, Batangas

Aside from their Lechon, the town of Balayan in Batangas is knows for their annual Lechon Festival, where they have “parade ng lechon” clad in costumes and props. It is held every 24th of june

Balayan’s Lechon is totally yummy and filling. There are no fancy and secret ingredients to their pork dish, but it will satiate your gusto with its tender meat and crispy skin made flavorful by ordinary spices and herbs.

Lydia’s Lechon – Metro Manila

image courtesy of www.lydiaslechon.ph

You’ll surely love the tasty and not-so oily pork treats at Lydia’s Lechon. Parts of its eye-catching skin are burnt slightly, giving a wondrous flavor that will enhance your taste buds. Even though it has less fat and cholesterol, it still has the ideal amount of saltiness that will seep into the meat.

Price is 820 PHP for a kilogram, and 6,800 to 12,800 PHP for a whole serving.

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