Picture this: you’re 45,000 feet up in the air and (finally) comfortably seated for a five-hour flight only to find out your phone’s running low on battery, you left your power bank at home, and you have absolutely nothing to pass the time, not even a book! Personally, this would probably be one of the worst nightmares when it comes to traveling simply because getting bored literally drives me nuts! Nothing can ruin a good trip better than realizing you forgot to bring something important!


If your itchy feet are off to a couple more destinations, it’s important that you pack everything you need way ahead of time so that you avoid forgetting anything. This is why we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of things your carry-on should never leave home without, whether you’re off to lunch or to the airport. As long as you have these essentials with you every time you head out the door, life will definitely be much easier. (Yup, you’re welcome.)



Whether you’re off to the beach or to the office, sunnies are an everyday must-have. Apart from protecting your pretty peepers from the sun, this classic quintessential accessory instantly channels a model-off-duty vibe. Think Behati Prinsloo when she’s not busy sporting her Victoria’s Secret Angel wings. It’s safe to say that sunglasses are most definitely a gift from the fashion gods because they go well with just about any outfit!



Call me obsessive-compulsive but when you’re spending every waking second socializing, touching money, and basically anything that involves germs, it is of utmost importance that you carry a hand sanitizer along with you wherever you go. This carry-on essential not only keeps your hands clean but also leaves your hands smelling fresh and soft as well. How could you ever go wrong with that?



May it is a music festival or a trip to the museum, you should never ever leave home without your trusty old power bank. No one, not even you, I assume, would want their phone to die when the best part of the concert’s about to come up or when you’re just about to take that fire selfie next to the Eiffel Tower! Power banks are also perfect for when you’ve just about used up all your battery life surfing the net or playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood while you’re at the airport waiting for your flight to board.


Life definitely is better when you have background music to accompany it with, especially when you’re about to get #beastmode at the gym or when you’re commuting home after a long day at work. When you’re crazy bored at the airport, these babies plugged in on your tablet or your computer and a handful of Gossip Girl reruns would do just the trick.



When we say beauty, we don’t mean bring your entire make-up haul with you every single day. There are (very) important items your kikay kit should never leave home without and these are the following: wet wipes, concealer, mascara, and lip tint. What these four items have in common is that they never fail to keep you looking fresh at any time of the day. When you’ve been traveling for around 24 hours already or when you still have a hot date after you get off work, wiping off oil from your face, re-applying your concealer, putting on lip tint for a little extra color and a swipe of that mascara will help you look fresh and put-together throughout the rest of the day.



What’s awesome about scarves is that they keep you warm and chic. These babies are multifunctional and are perfect for keeping warm when you’re on a chilly plane.



Lastly, there is no better way to spend your downtime than with a good read. If you’re like me and you eventually get tired of toying with your smartphone, books are your best friend. When you’re lounging by the shore (hammock optional) with a pina colada and an awesome read, the jet setting has never been this good!

abby aquino

Advertising savant who loves to write about fashion, styling, travels and everything in between.

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Advertising savant who loves to write about fashion, styling, travels and everything in between.