There are times when you are all locked up in your room, got nothing to do, bored as eff and wish you could go somewhere but, yeah! No means. We feel you! Fret not! we got all the bases covered to brighten up your day with these Instagram accounts that are worth the follow and deserve your double taps.

Disclaimer: not that we condone Celebrity accounts but our list is way too interesting than the others.


Russian photographer, Dmitry Malkov’s instagram account is a bleeding art of minimalism and clean canvass. So clean and on point that youd want to have it as your next wallpaper for Fall. Malkov’s account is also a pool of ingenious photos from other instagram users who shares the same passion for photography and minimalism.

Screenshot 2015-02-25 17.36.07


Irina’s capability to turn a simple photo into a captivating one is truly amazing! As her profile suggests, she only uses an iPhone5 to capture her subject and correctly blends it using vsco. Who wouldve thought that snapping greens and everyhting in between could be so good and artistic as this!

Screenshot 2015-02-25 19.17.34


Step into her  world through her photographs and we’re sure, you wouldn’t mind getting lost in it. Kimi Juan is a photographer from an art school who takes time snapping images of her travels and brilliantly documents by capturing the best angle of the spot and finishes it with a VSCO touch.

Screenshot 2015-02-25 19.21.02


Still life and flat lays- these are the images that made his account a visage of wonder. From capturing lemons to bricks, He sure knows how to please the eyes of his followers.


Screenshot 2015-02-25 18.32.51


Andrew’s feed is a compilation of his hobbies, phtgrphs (as he call it) and random stuff, all lensed in an artistic angle and washed gregariously with VSCO. May it be a Lego mini-fig of Spiderman or an outtake photo of his client’s latest campaign, Andrew’s feed will make you crave for more art, art and ART!

Screenshot 2015-02-25 19.03.15


Simple and clean-That is how Cebu based blogger/ photographer patterns his account. A lot of blank spaces, a tinge of color and a monotonous background; Ryan’s feed is a piece of clean slate, a refresher perhaps in the IG world

Screenshot 2015-02-25 19.04.31


Next time you check out her account and raped the like button, you’d prolly be wishing of beach, sand and sun! Sacha’s account documents her travel life in filtered boxes awesomely captured to perfection.

Screenshot 2015-02-25 18.45.18


From Bear Grylls Get Out Alive to his hair styling stints, Kyle is almost everywhere. Aside from posting artsy physique photos you can also indulge and enjoy landscapes and random art photos all smothered with a specific filter that made him and his feed drool-worthy.

Screenshot 2015-02-25 18.57.17


Icelandic graphic designer, Sis Vicious’ account will transport you to his homeland without even using your passport. Clean, cold and just perfect!

Screenshot 2015-02-25 18.58.18

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Edryan Lorenzo, a PR and Marketing practitioner with 13 years of solid experience in the industry of lifestyle, fashion, and e-commerce. I'm into visual arts which includes photography, painting, and sketching. During my free time, I'd prefer to travel to keep my self fueled by different cultures and information. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @edryanlorenzo.