All the Rebecca Bloomwoods of the society, UNITE! It is all over your feed- may it be Instagram, Twitter or Facebook- pieces from H&M’s much anticipated collaboration with Balmain is going to be available tomorrow, November 5. All dazzling and glimmering with pride, ready for your taking!

Sure, we do know that people will start lining up in front and outside the store as early as 7pm later, but before you dash your way to Mega Fashion Hall, where the brand’s flagship store was erected, please do take note of the following rules and regulations that the brand team would like you to know- take note of the list and you should know it by heart.


Regardless if you’ve been there, waiting, for almost twelve hours- just like last year when H&M rolled out their sheets for the Wang collaboration- you will only be given a total of 15 minutes to shop inside the store and fit the garments from the collection.

You will be entertained in batches, so strict timing will really be observed. We suggest, especially to those fickle-minded, that you should already have in mind the piece of your choice. No need to stay long hovering the pieces. Save time and save your soul!


Since you’re prepared, you have fitted your item already. Then, scoot your way to the cashier. H&M will not encourage you to select-fit-go back-and-select-fit again. So be sure to get the piece that you want.


Another piece of advice, make sure you have your cash backup, in case your trusty credit or debit card fail you. You wouldn’t want to go off the line, excuse yourself, and withdraw money when you’re almost, almost, next in line. Right?

The VIP party/ launch already happened last November 3 and most of the celebrities and the industry’s who’s who already made their way to the first dibs expedition.

Meaning, even if you’re a blogger or a writer who -unfortunately- missed the party. You are not entitled to reserve a piece from the collection. All is fair and square here. You have to experience the agony of waiting and lining up.

Your purchase is limited to one piece per size per style. You cannot just hoard and fill your bag with so much pieces from the collection. Again, pieces are limited.

"CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC" Isla Fisher Ph:Robert Zuckerman ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

Aside from the number of pieces per style, per size, you are also limited to a total of 5 items only. Again, NO HOARDING PLEASE! You are not the only one itching to get a piece of everything, CONTROL YOURSELF!

There is a strict 3 day return/exchange policy from November 5. But please avoid this. We already warned you in the first bullet that you have to be sure with the item that you want to buy, right?


With these in mind, now be ready for the throng of fashion savants and wannabe’s who will make their way to the venue later. Make sure your phone’s charged- for more Instagram selfie and social media bragging. Also, have water and food by your side, camping outside the mall is no joke.

Once everything’s ticked, then it is time for you to be a Kendall on your own right. Strut the party scenes wearing those pieces, after all, you have invested hard work on it.

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