We have now reached the final chapter of the year; it’s down to our last ‘Cover Wars’ of 2017. This year has been quite a journey for all of us here in STYLE MNL and we bet you, our readers, have had your own fair share of obstacles. As the year is drawing to a close, let’s cap things off with the last installment of the ‘Cover Wars’ series this 2017. Now, let’s begin.


Kim Chiu graces us with her presence in the final cover of Metro this year, this is her 12th Metro cover and counting. There is no denying that Kim has made her mark in the Showbiz industry, from her days in reality television to buzz-worthy blockbusters. Kim is still that same girl who grew up in front of our eyes with the added responsibilities—becoming the breadwinner and maintaining her ‘role model’ status. There is no denying that her wisdom and perseverance will inspire her fans to set this New Year in motion.

Though Kim was an undeniable choice for the holiday issue, I have to say otherwise about the cover itself. It may have been decked out in this year’s trends—Millennial Pink and Bold Shine but it simply lacked that impact you would associate with a magazine cover the first time you gaze upon it. Each element would have worked well in some way or another but, not together. The way we see it, the Ari vibe just didn’t cut it on this issue.

Photo by: Dookie Ducay

Post Editing: Alvin Adriano

Fashion Editor & Creative Director: Randz

Fashion Assistant: Gelie Manansala

Cover Story: Jenica Chuahiock

Makeup: Jake Alvez

Hair: John Valle

Set Design: James Razo of TheGoldTeamPH



 One’s presumptions about holiday style are bold jewel tones, stunning silver & gold tones and elegance—low and behold, that’s what Preview delivered. Maine Mendoza grazes the covers of Preview Magazine for their  ‘So Lit!’ Issue. The cover itself is simple yet, undeniably stunning. The plain background set amidst strategically placed shadows adds a unique element that compliments the whole theme of the shoot.

Maine stands firm in a Gold Sequins Flapper Style dress and Black Patent Knee High Boots all from Marc Jacobs. The emphasis on the glare of the sequins adds a detail that ties the entire concept of the shot together. Maine is the last piece of this intricate puzzle board, which proves that she’s more than just the funny girl next door.

Produced & Styled: Daryl Chang

Co-Produced: Ning Nunez

Photographed: Paolo Pineda

Art Direction: Vince Uy

Make-up: Juan Sarte III

Hair: Celeste Tuviera


 When the holidays come creeping around from the corner, we automatically assume that it’s all about the sparkle and the endless festivities. Well, MEGA sees otherwise as this holiday issue celebrates women. Women who tirelessly carry you around for 9 months enduring excruciating pain, Women who are still fighting for their rights and Women who strive to show they are as good as everybody else.

Though MEGA excelled with their stand on this issue, I’d have to think otherwise about the creativity of the cover. The whole execution of the cover had little to no relevance with “I AM WOMAN”. Though, if you would justify it based on Maja’s character in the teleserye, ‘Wildflower’, we can see as to why her foot is still at the door. Don’t take me wrong as I think fashion is a definite way to express yourself but, for this issue rather, I would have preferred it styled in a different manner.

Photography: Seven Barreto

Art Direction: Jann Pascua

Assisted by: Tanya Mallillin

Styling: Jeb Fronda

Assisted by: Cessi Trenas & Steff Solano

Text: Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena

Make-up: Denise Ochoa

Hair: Renz Pangilinan


 I bet you could tell who the winner was after reading this article but in case you just browsed and skipped to the end…


Stay tuned next February 2018 for the next installment in our ‘Cover Wars’ series.

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