Most men would find it hard to build up a wardrobe, not only will it blow your money but most men would find it very taxing to stroll around boutiques and try on new clothes. More so, men were born simple and more likely to stick to the basics and don nothing but a plain shirt and trusty denim jeans. Hence, you would find it tricky on how your guy would keep up with the season’s trend without dragging him off his plain armory.

Fret not, this spring/summer 2015, there are several pieces that would make guys wardrobe as stylish as your dream fashionisto- ala GQ dapper-  could ever be. No need to overhaul his clothes chest, all you need is a simple update and poof! you are ready for the streets.

We give you the top four sleek trends to highlight and carry over this season.


You read it right! Your crisp white, dashing companion won’t leave you this season. Most designers and style gurus opt for an all-white, minimalist ensemble to hit the season of spring and summer, not making a comeback because the trend didn’t leave, white-on-white will sure fire a hit this year to stark up the men’s clothing vault. As they say you can never go wrong with a trusty basic ensemble, a classic white polo would definitely go a long mile.

This year, fashion designers and high end brands opted for something simple and basic by releasing a clean slate of white togs all paraded on the runways of Milan such brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Jil Sanders and McQueen.

White and off-white shades – including cream, beige and ivory – are perfect for the warmer months, especially in the Philippines. Softer or pale hues like cream would also do the same versatile complement as white to match other colors.





This could be a bit tricky as most men would disagree cos they prefer their relaxed trousers to accompany their walking. But, wait up. It’s already the new millennium and guys who wears dem skinny jeans are totally accepted. Not only it will lengthen your legs but will also define your style. We are not saying that men should wear jeggings because that’s too much, but what we are suggesting is that you keep your jeans perfectly fitted, not too baggy, shabby and draggy.



Glancing ahead at what’s to come for S/S ’15, print and pastels are still on point and paramount. With notions on what is and isn’t masculine, we men have been free to experiment with variety of hues that were deemed out of bounds.

Pastels and prints have been prime beneficiaries of this new and liberal men’s styling especially this season. Now, more and more men are embracing the brave choice of wearing these style fixations.

Meanwhile, in Milan, several brands walked the runway flashing their nude pastels and vivid prints dictating the domineering style to hit the season. 


Combined or not, these two keep-worthy trends from last year are mainstay for both casual and formal sides of wardrobe. Taking pride from the nautical vibe, hues of light blue and textured sheets will complement this year’s trend of men’s styling.

However, you should bear in mind that there are several stripes and jeans shade to match your shape and built. Horizontal stripes and light colored jeans tend to make you look wider, while vertical and dark denims will the illusion of length and height. With this in mind, if you’re short and squat, you’re better off avoiding the former, while lankier gentlemen would do well to stay away from the latter.

The stripe was given pride of place in collections from Gucci and Jonathan Saunders to Casely-Hayford and Emporio Armani, where they were applied to a wide variety of garments including both tailored staples like smart trousers and shirts, as well as more relaxed jumpers and accessories.

Images from ZALORA Philippines, River Island, Gucci, Scotch &Soda, M&S, ZARA, 7 For All Mankind


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