Ladies, get those puckers and cheeks ready because there’s a new tint that you need to try on, stat!

Lip and cheek tints are probably the “in” thing now and the easiest makeup product that a girl can use. Just swipe a dot-sized amount of tint onto your cheeks and dab a bit on your lips and you’re ready to go. Aside from easy application, tints are actually perfect to give you a pretty, natural-looking stain you can pair with any makeup look. A promise that Ombre had in mind while formulating their all-organic tints.

Ombre are highly pigmented, locally-made lip and cheek tints. These organic tints comes in three different shades perfected to match all skin types. What’s not to love with an all organic beautiful stick especially made to match the Filipina skin, right?

We sat down the lady behind the brand, Denise Heredia and she shared to us her inspirations in formulating these flattering tints.

How did you come up with this product line?

I’ve always wanted to create a make-up brand that can cater to the Filipina market. I asked myself so many times, if I can only bring one item in my make-up kit, what would it be? My answer would be my cheek and lip tints because it’s always so useful, easy to bring and can be used in so many different ways. With that in mind, I created my own cheek and lip tints but and made sure that this product would be their new favorite item in their make-up kits – something girls can’t live without or head out of their houses without bringing it with them. 


What or who are your inspirations in creating these products?

I have always loved the way Koreans applied their make-up and how natural they would all look with their glass skin and plump, red lips so that’s really my inspiration for this brand. I also am such a fan of the ‘no make-up’ make-up look and I think that lip tints are the best make-up to use to achieve that look. I believe that one of our advocacies as well is to really show girls that less is more. You don’t need to put too much make-up to look beautiful, you just need these little natural and organic ‘enhancers’ to bring out a youthful color on your cheeks and lips. 

What sets your product apart from other lip tints?

Our Ombré Lip tints are made out of pure and natural ingredients, therefore making it 100% organic. Because of that, it is non-toxic and is safe for children, and soon to be moms. There are also only 3 shades because we made sure that these three shades are universally flattering and are perfect for all Filipina skin tones. We made sure that it’s very wearable, highly pigmented and long-lasting so a little goes a long way. It is also FDA Approved, and is cruelty-free. Bonus points too, because it’s locally made and produced here in the Philippines so it inspires its buyers to #lovelocal. 

What is the reason behind the name ombre? Also, could you walk us through the process of selecting your ombre colours?

Our name, Ombré comes from the make-up trend Ombré lips. It became really famous all over the world, and also in Korea because it’s the process of creating a ‘degrading’ or a light to dark effect using lipsticks or lip tints in the lips. We chose this because you can achieve this look with these lip tints by applying more of the pigment in the inner part of the lips. As for the colors, we made sure that all three colors are wearable, meaning it fits most of the Filipina skin tones and can we used the whole day. 


Are you planning on expanding your line to other beauty products?

As of the moment, we would like to stick to our lip tints because we believe that this is the ‘brick’ of the brand but maybe towards the end of the year, we will add more products but it will still be connected or will still complement the lip tints! 

How much and where can we buy your products?

The lip tints come individually for 140php and the pack of all three colors are on sale for 410php. Interested clients may buy through our IG page: @ombre.liptints or through our Shopee account – just search Ombré Liptints. 

Could you share with us the pairing process of your tints? which is bet used at night, to a party, brunch with friends?

The Raspberry tint is best used during the morning or day since it has a reddish pink undertone. It just brings out a natural, young flush when applied especially to the cheeks. This is great for looking fresh at the beach! The Fig is best used during the afternoon-mid-evenings because it’s a darker shade of red but it has a brown undertone. This is really the MLBB (my lips but better) shade that all girls want and need to have. It’s great for brunch out with the girls or an important meeting with your boss. The Pomegranate is the most pigmented among all the shades because this was designed to be used at night to a party or something. It has a darker reddish pigment but with a rose undertone and is best used for that ‘drunk blush’ effect. They are all three very useful also depending on one’s mood.


Any message to aspiring young beauty entrepreneurs, just like you.

If you’re planning to open your own beauty brand, go for it! Make sure that your products are of good quality and make sure that you’re catering to your target market. it’s not an easy job but if you see that you are contributing to bringing out the best in someone by promoting natural beauty then it’s really comforting and fulfilling. Lastly, you really have to love what you’re doing and it will never feel as if it’s work for you. 

About the Author

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