Its November, Guys.


It’s ridiculous how quickly time flies by these days. You might be reminiscing on everything that has happened to you this year. You may have lost, gained, and learned a lot. But, let us not drift towards that just yet—this year isn’t over. So, without further a do, let us see what Mega, Metro, and Preview has brought to the stands for this month’s showdown.


“Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.’’ -Mary McLeod Bethune

(Civil Rights activist; “The Lady of Struggle”)

This quote embodies the conceptualization behind the story of this month’s MEGA cover—“Diamond in the Rough”. Shot on location in Algarve and Libson, Portugal; there is an obvious contrast between the scenery and Janella’s ensembles. Though slightly odd, one can only appreciate it if it’s understood.

Janella was decked out in sparkling gowns resembling that of unpolished diamonds, which are set against thrashing waves and fine sand. Mega invites us to turn our attention to a star on a steady rise, slowly revealing the woman she fully intends to be.

Photographer: Mark Nicdao | Creative Director: Suki Salvador | Styling: Jeb Fronda | Text: Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena | Make-up: Winn Ramos | Hair: John Valle


When your eyes gaze upon bright colours, what is the first thing that comes into mind? Is it the feeling of warmth? Happiness?

Queue in the blossoming love team, May-May Entrata & Edward Barber, as they take on this month’s Preview cover. Their magical chemistry and infectious laughter is an ideal compliment to the vibrant hues and color-blocked garments. I admire how the styling of the set revolved around these two gleeful teens; it’s the smaller details that make you appreciate something so subtle.

Young, Bright and Woke perfectly encapsulate Preview’s vision.

Photographed by: BJ Pascual | Produced & Styled by: Daryl Chang | Art Direction: Vince Uy | Co-Produced by: Ning Nunez | Make-up: Omar Ermita | Hair: Mark Familiara | Nails: Maritess Sison | Clothes by: Jenni Contreras, Randolf Clothing, Jaggy Glarino


Joshua and Julia are the epitome of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo when ‘One More Chance’ was at its peak.

One of the most sought-after pairings of today, Josh and Julia exude a different aura for our desire of romantic comedies. With the number of romantic lineups in our industry today, there is no doubt #JoshLia is at the top of their game.

Metro seems to have a knack for using darker tones and coinciding colors as we dabble yet again with jewel tones. The cover itself is simple yet, eye-catching with the hues amidst the gray background. I have to be honest though as the placement of the phone threw the whole cover rather off.

Photo by: Dookie Ducay | Creative Director: Merlito Pabatao | Cover Story by: Nielli Martinez | Fashion Editor: Randz | Fashion Assistant: Gelie Manansala | Makeup: LaLa Flores | Hair: Santiago Raymond | Grooming & Hair (Joshua): Ryan Panaligan


The whole concept of the shoot was undeniably on point. I can’t wait to see what Preview brings to stands next month. Tune in next month for our final showdown of 2017!


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