girl on the train trailer

Come October, Paula Hawkins‘ bestselling novel, The Girl On The Train, will hit theaters.

But before that, the highly anticipated movie released a promotional material featuring the eerie vocals of Kanye West with the song “Heartless”.

girl on the train trailer

The trailer features a slowed- down remix of Mr. West’s number, giving the material chills and a haunting feel.

Just like the book, the movie is being touted as the New Gone Girl. The story involves a mysterious murder and an unreliable witness played by Emily Blunt. The story revolves around Rachel, a divorced alcoholic who has created a fantasy life for a couple she sees every day during her train commute. When Megan (Haley Bennett), the wife of the perfect couple, is murdered, Rachel believes she may have a lead as to who could have done it, but things get messy due to her being inebriated at an inconvenient time in an inconvenient place at the time of the murder. It also doesn’t help that Megan and her husband live down the street from Rachel’s ex-husband (Justin Theroux), a rocky relationship with whom doesn’t necessarily help her case.

Exciting plot right? Check out the trailer below,

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