No need to worry and be mindful of this list.

The government just recently announced last March 12 that the Coronavirus pandemic was raised into alert level code red sub-level 2. As part of the announcement the President also said that the whole of Metro Manila will be under a Community Quarantine status. Some may call it a lockdown, but the government reiterated that it is far from what others are thinking. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can and cannot do while Metro Manila is under the Community Quarantine status:


  1. People who are employed in Metro Manila will still be allowed to go inside the vicinity. If you’re working in any of the cities that is part of Metro Manila, you may still go inside the vicinity as long as you have proper identification cards that bear your office address. If you do not have an Identification card, you may use your Certificate of Employment as proof to enter the area.

To lessen the movement of people in and out of Metro Manila. The government suggested that people who reside in nearby areas are highly encouraged to rent apartments near their workplace. Though, this is not advisable to everyone.

2. There will be checkpoints present in all of the entrance area going to any city in Metro Manila.

Do not be scared. Starting on March 16, you might find all the entrances going to any city of Metro Manila with checkpoints. This will serve as a counter to check all the necessary documents before you enter the area. So you have to prepare the aforementioned cards and proof for a smoother process.

3. Deliveries to and fro Metro Manila will still be allowed.

Drivers, delivery guys, and helpers will only be restricted inside their respective trucks, though.

4. Rail lines will remain operational.

According to the resolution submitted by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease, all of Metro Manila’s rail operations will continue to operate. This covers the MRT-3, the LRT-1 and LRT-2, and the Philippine National Railways (PNR). However social distancing must still be observed, the Department of Transportation will issue protocols and guidelines that commuters can follow.

5. Domestic travel will be suspended.

This goes for land-, air-, or sea-based domestic travel to and from Metro Manila. This measure will take effect two days after the resolution is issued.

6. Classes will be suspended.

Until April 12, 2020, classes will be suspended for all levels in Metro Manila. Department of the Interior and Local Government or DILG will be responsible for ensuring students remain at home for the duration of the suspension.

It is also recommended for students to make use of their time to read and learn while staying at home. Department of Education is also suggesting to do online lessons to get the most out of the students’ time.

7. Mass gatherings will be prohibited.

Under the resolution, any mass gatherings whether planned or spontaneous where crowds may “strain the planning and response resources of the community hosting the event” will be prohibited.

8. Travel restrictions will also be imposed.

Entry travel restrictions for individuals coming from countries with the reported localized transmission of COVID-19 will be implemented. However, Filipino citizens are exempted and also include their foreign spouse or children, holders of Permanent Resident Visas, and holders of diplomatic visas.

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